Working Remotely – Internet Accessible Services

When working directly from the internet with any of the systems that are available, there may be some additional items that you need to be aware of. For example, there may be some special browser recommendations or maybe the url(link) is not obvious. In addition, there many of these systems have SSO (Single Sign On/Same Sign On), but only when access from a computer inside the FTTC network.

SystemUrlSpecial Notes
FTTC Main Websitehttps://www.francistuttle.eduPrefer modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari)
Web access to our onsite exchange email and calendaring system
mailto links don’t work with web based outlook.
Login with standard network login
Prefer modern browser (Chrome, Safari)
Login with standard network login
Zonehttps://zone.francistuttle.eduNot all campus links will work due to security designs.
Login with standard network login
Gradebookhttps://grades.francistuttle.eduUses a separate login and password
iVisions modern browser (Chrome)
Uses a separate login and password
ITS Support Online
ITS Support Portal for logging helpdesk requests and searching the knowledgebase
Uses standard network login
Uses a separate login and password
WebAdvisor standard network login
Adobe Creative Cloudhttps://www.adobe.comUses Adobe FTTC Enterprise login
LinkedIn Learning (formerly login with email address. Then login with standard network login
AD Self Servicehttps://pwmanager.francistuttle.eduThis site allows you to unlock/reset password for your FTTC Network Login without contacting ITS Support

If you are trying to access a system not on this list, you may need to request a higher level of remote access. Please contact ITS Support to discuss your needs.