Working Remotely – Horizon Client Install and Access

The Horizon Client provides advanced remote control capabilities. To install, follow these steps.

If you are on a Windows 10 machine use this Installer and select Run (different browsers may show different options).

Select Agree & Install
Click on Finish
Restart Now — and come back to this page to continue

Now that the Horizon Client has been installed, it may now be configured. Open the Horizon client by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.

Double-click on Add Server

Fill in the name of the connection server with and then click Connect

You should receive the disclaimer…Click Accept

Next you will login with your network login credentials (xx#######) and password.

You will then see icons for each of the pools you are assigned.

The two most likely pools would be FT-Staff-W10 and Staff Remote Access-RDP. The preferred pool would be FT-STAFF-W10. Features about each pool can be found on these pages … FT-STAFF-W10 or Staff Remote Access-RDP. You can right click on the pool icons to access special settings to customize access to your liking.