Working Remotely – FT-Staff-W10

Working remotely through the FT-Staff-W10 pool is the best method when you need access to all Francis Tuttle supported enterprise systems. The connection attaches your video, keyboard and mouse to a computer system inside the Francis Tuttle data security firewalls. Additionally, these systems are ‘always on’ as they are backed up by battery backups and our on-campus generators. This style of connection requires that ITS performs some minor setup on your network login ID in order to enable this capability.

Once granted access to the system, you have some additional flexibility that will allow you to operate in a couple different fashions.

  1. Access the system without installing any special software. This will provide a separate window that you can use to access FTTC district systems while you use other items on your computer at the same time. Click Here
  2. Install the Horizon view software on your computer system which will provide some additional capabilities … especially if you have multiple monitors on your home system and wish to remote in using all of your monitors. Click Here

In either case it should be noted that we are using VMWare Horizon View software to perform our remote access capabilities. Independent of your access choice, the system capabilities are the same. You are accessing Francis Tuttle system with full rights and capabilities as if you are on campus.

SystemUrl or access methodSpecial Note
Home DirectoriesH:\
Shared DirectoriesDesktop icons are provided for quick access
Microsoft OfficeWindows 10 Start MenuThe entire Microsoft Office Suite is installed in the FT-STAFF-W10 virtual pool. The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and Outlook.
OutlookWindows 10 Start MenuAlthough listed above, a special listing for Outlook is necessary. The first time you open outlook in the ‘virtual world’, you will be prompted to go through some setup steps. Just click the defaults and you’ll be all set.
The ZoneDesktop Icon ProvidedSingle Sign-on enabled. No need to provide additional login information
Campus Links in The ZoneAll Campus Links entries function including special browser preferences and settings
ezuce-ViBEDesktop Icon ProvidedA very powerful communication and collaboration tool that directly connects to the Francis Tuttle phone system. Among the many capabilities available, you can remotely make and receive calls from your personal extension as well as easily manage your voice mail. ***
ColleagueDesktop Icon ProvidedAny special printouts such as registration statements will still print to your default network printer on campus.
Recruiterhttps://recruiter.francistuttle.eduUsed mostly by Advisors and Data Team members.
MailTo linksAny special mailto links will work correctly. Many of these are in various InfoCentral reports or the special Student Email Access and Credential Report.
Scanners (TWAIN compliant)If you have a scanner connected, you can scan documents directly to your home or shared folders.

*** In order for phone calls to function properly you must make sure that your speakers and microphone systems are setup correctly. Remote operations require that this be set in two places. First, before you make any connections to Francis Tuttle systems, you must confirm that the sound system settings are correct for your computer. If you have Windows 10 on your system, you would right click on the speaker icon on the task bar.

And choose Open Sound Settings

Check your Output sound. When you adjust the slider you should hear a musical tone. Then check your Input sound. When you make sound the microphone should pick it up and the volume bar at ‘Test your microphone’ should move.

Now that your sound system is confirmed, make the connection to the FT-STAFF-W10 computer. Once connected, confirm the sound settings by right clicking on the speaker icon on the task bar and selecting Open Sound Settings. The settings should look like this.

Note that both devices indicate (VMware Virtual…). Your sound should now be set to allow two way communications.