Retrieve Your Student Email Report

All active Career Training students currently have FT email addresses.  In addition, their associated information in the Student Information System (e.g. Colleague, Prodigy) has been updated.   Advisors and instructors have access to the Student Email Access and Credential Report via the Zone.  This report gives authorized advisors and instructors access to student email credentials for distribution and initial login.  To access the report, follow the steps below:

1.       Go to the Zone (i.e.

2.       Scroll down the menu on the right-hand side.

3.       Click the link denoted as ‘Student Email Access and Credential Report’.

Once clicked, the report specific to the advisor/instructor will be displayed in a separate window.  As a note, if clicked by a user not classified as an advisor or instructor, the report will display with no students.   Otherwise, each instructor will see their classes with associated students. Beneath each class listing, there are links to email specific types of students in the class:  all students, high school students only (HS-Only), or adult students only (AD- Only).  Once clicked, you’ll be presented with an email window with the Recipient (Bcc) and Subject fields prepopulated with the appropriate information.