Mobile Device Protection Plan

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The Mobile Device Protection Plan (MDPP) is used to outline the procedures and cost associated with a lost, stolen, or damaged mobile device owned by Francis Tuttle.  By accepting the protection offered in this plan, parents/students limit the financial impact should an accidental damage occur to a checked-out device. 

NOTE: The accidental damage protection coverage applies to the check-out device only and not the accessories.  If accidental damage/loss of an accessory occurs, the full replacement cost applies.  This plan includes information about the replacement cost of all accessories..

In this plan, parents/students pay an initial fee to cover the cost of accidental damage to the device.  The plan covers the first two accidental damage claims per device within a given year. The cost of damages thereafter are the sole responsibility of the parent/student.

If a student returns a fully functional device and all its applicable accessories without having to use any accidental damage claims, the student will be returned the protection plan payment in the form of a refund check. The refund check will be mailed to the address provided on the signature page.

Device Type Protection Plan
Covers up to two (2) accidental damages in a year
Dell Laptop $100
iPad $50
All other Mac devices $100

Parents/Students shall make the protection plan payment to the FT Bookstore located on their home campus or online at the FT Information Technology Services’ website (, if available.  The FT Bookstore will provide the parent/student with a receipt as proof of payment.  A copy of the receipt is to be given to the instructor at the time of device check-out.

The opportunity to sign-up for the Mobile Device Protection plan is only available prior to receiving a FT mobile device.  Parents who do not want to assume the liability or who worry about whether their child is responsible enough to care for a mobile device as a take-home item may opt to have a student check out and return a mobile device from school daily. Students on daily checkout are still responsible for loss or damage to the mobile device while it is checked out to them. However, the concern about potential damage or loss to the device while the student is not at school is removed.

Repairs or Replacement Costs

Students NOT enrolled in the Mobile Device Protection Plan will be held responsible for ALL damages to their devices resulting from misuse, neglect, or accidental damage including but not limited to: broken screens, cracked plastic pieces, inoperability, etc.

Claim Cost
Lost Device Full Replacement Cost
Destroyed (total loss) device Full Replacement Cost
Stolen Device Full Replacement Cost

Replacement Costs

There are replacement costs associated with all the below devices and accessories.  Accessory cost are standard.  Device replacement cost is the cost required to purchase the same/similar model device needed to replace the lost, stolen, or damaged device.  The same/similar device specifications and manufacturer’s warranty are also used to calculate the replacement cost.

The below table contains a list of all deployed mobiles devices and their associated replacement cost.

Device Type Replacement Cost
Dell Laptop $1145
Dell Laptop accessories $50
Apple iPad $425
iPad charging cord and brick $50
iPad pencil $99
iPad case $40
MacBook Pro $2500

A hold will be placed on the student’s account totaling the amount of the replacement or repair cost of the items lost, stolen, or damaged.

Parent/Student Financial Responsibility for Repairs

Parents/students are responsible for the repair cost for any instances of breakage or damage to the mobile device. Students will be issued other means of instructional delivery (e.g. textbooks, computer for classroom use only) to assist with school work until his/her mobile device is repaired and returned. Students are encouraged to take good care of their device.

Lost Device

Anytime a mobile device is denoted as lost/missing, it must be reported to ITS (405.717.4237, immediately. The faster it gets reported, the sooner ITS can work to track its whereabouts. 

Parents/students are responsible for lost or damage to a mobile device. The cost of reparation is equal to the current replacement cost of the mobile device or accessory. 

Stolen Devices

In the event a mobile device is stolen, a police report must be filed immediately. The school must be notified immediately.   Since devices are school property, parents do not have to file the police report, the school will. However, parents and students will be asked to meet with law enforcement and school officials to help complete the report. Parents and students are responsible for replacement costs of stolen property.

Payment Methods

Parents/students may pay for lost equipment in one of the following ways:

● Pay in full to the FT Bookstore on the student’s primary campus of instruction at time of loss

● Payment plan (to be determined by FT Finance dept.)

If a lost mobile device is found in good working condition, parents/student will be reimbursed for any amount of money they have paid to replace the lost item. If the device is found but is not in good working condition, parents/student will be charged for the total cost of repair.


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