Initial Login – Student Email Account

Step 1. Obtain your FT Student email account information from student’s instructor or advisor.

This email is the official district email for all communications with students including but not limited to: school calendar dates, financial aid documentation, course related communication course work collaboration, and the ability to access student discounts. Please make sure to check it frequently.

Accounts are removed five (5) years after a student’s last active enrollment period.

Step 2. Go to preferably using the MS Edge browser.

Step 3. Login using the information provided in Step 1.

Step 4. Accept the ‘Welcome to your new account’ screen and walk through setting up your defaults and updating your password.

Step 5. Add a recovery email or phone number (This step is required to be able to recover forgotten passwords)

Step 6. Go to the Gmail icon on the Google screen to access your Francis Tuttle Email account. You can also access your account directly from the Gmail icon in Google.

Step 7. Additional help topics are available at Gmail Help: