Working Remotely – Staff Remote Access – RDP

Working remotely through the Staff Remote pool is the best method when you need access to applications or data that are installed only on the on campus computer in your office. The connection attaches your video, keyboard and mouse to that specific computer system inside the Francis Tuttle data security firewalls. This style of connection requires that ITS performs some special setup on your network login ID and on your computer system in order to enable this capability. If you don’t have any special software installed on your computer, it is recommended that you use the FT-Staff-W10 shared pool.

There are a number of requirements and/or limitations using this method.

  • ITS must install some software on the computer system in your office in order for this option to be available.
  • The computer must be on. This means that if the computer system gets powered off for any reason (extended power outage, remotely powered off), someone will have to go to the computer and power it back on.
  • Remote microphone will not work so VIBE cannot be used to make or receive telephone calls remotely.
  • Remote scanners cannot save to home or shared folders.
  • You must install the Horizon View software. The ‘no special software’ option is not available. Instructions – Click Here