Esports Volunteer Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in Francis Tuttle Esports. We have several volunteer areas available to you. Please see below and complete the quick questionnaire.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Game Coach – Assists players in game strategy, preparation, and play.
  • Marketing/Production Mentor – Assists students with techniques and strategies in shoutcasting/marketing/production/promotion of FT esports events.
  • War Room Monitor – Manages the use of the War Room esports facility during operational hours.
  • Event Set-up/Tear-down – Provides support during FT esports events (e.g., tournaments, scrimmages).
  • Campus Liaison – Provides voice and presence for the esports program at a given campus.

Cyberducks Esports Volunteers

Volunteer Questionnaire for Esports at Francis Tuttle

How would you like to volunteer?
Please select game(s) you'd like to Coach (**note: Experience with specific game is required)
How often would you like to volunteer?
Please select days/times you'd be available to Coach/Monitor/Mentor
If you are located at a campus other than Rockwell, are you interested in being an esports campus liaison?