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Date Program Name Last First Student Email First Last
09/01/2021 AP Computer Science Application Truong Tristan tt1053390@student.francistuttle.edu Bryan Kitzrow
  Auto Motive Repair Redeagle Yamasi yr1048336@student.francistuttle.edu Kody VanOsdol
  auto service tech wilcots Brian brianwilcots6@gmail.com kody VanOsdal
09/01/2021 Auto service technology jacobs xzavier xzavierjacobs1@gmail.com Kody Van Osdol
  Auto Tech Stewart Quinn qstew102004@gmail.com Van Osdol
08/20/2021 Auto Tech Services Siharath Alex AlexSiharath1@gmail.com Anderson Ronald
  Automotive Sapie Bryan flippybs@gmail.com Kody Vanosdol
08/18/2021 Automotive Farrow James jamesfarrow60@gmail.com Kody VanOsdol
  automotive kukla kai 2kaikukla9@gmail.com kody vanosdol
08/22/2021 Automotive Bower Noah ntbower@yahoo.com Kody VanOsdol
09/21/2021 automotive Archibald Alexander skeletondude50@gmail.com Kody van osdol
10/21/2021 Automotive Wilcots Brian Bmw8909@edmondschools.net Kody Vanosdal
08/05/1971 Automotive Buffington Carl cb1028478@student.francistuttle.edu Kody VanOsdol
08/23/2021 Automotive engineering Mathison Steven sjmathison365@gmail.com Kody VanOswald
  automotive repair Richardson Kenny kr1052520@student.francistuttle.edu kody vanosdol
  Automotive Repair Johnson Taryn taj0584@edmondschools.net Kody Vanosdol
  Automotive Service Gaines Cedric Cedlegend169@gmail.com Kody VanOsdol
  Automotive service Pfeifer Maximillian mpfeifer521@gmail.com Kody VanOsDol
  Automotive Service Maya Carlos cmayaa1@icloud.com Kody VanOsdol
  Automotive service Lecroy Matthew bigfoot55.ml@gmail.com Kody VanOsdol
Date Program Name Last First Student Email First Last
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Displaying 1 - 20 of 188 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10