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Date Program Name Last First Student Email First Last
08/06/2022 Interactive Media Carneiro Andrew ac1101621@student.francistuttle.edu Christy Whitfield
08/06/2022 Interactive Media Carter Garrett garrettc2005@gmail.com Christy Whitfield
  Practical Nursing Gatlin Whitney Wg1103392@student.francistuttle.edu Cari Vasfaret
  LNP full time greer christi cg0911698@student.francistuttle.edu Cari Vasfaret
08/07/2022 Interactive Media Ho Emily eh1101646@student.francistuttle.edu Christy Whitfield
08/03/2022 Interactive Media Kiptoo Matthew mk1053243@student.francistuttle.edu Christy Whitfield
08/29/2022 Dental Assistant Maberry Kodi Maberrymandy@yahoo.com Karyn Stafford
08/02/2022 Interactive Media Orr Ty tpo4681ft@gmail.com Christy Whitfield
08/07/2022 Interactive media Schein Anna schein.anna.g@gmail.com Christy Whitfield
  cosmetology schrock alicia as1050937@student.francistuttle.edu shelia kissick
08/06/2022 Interactive Media Tjahjo Chelsea chelseatjahjo@gmail.com Christy Whitfield
Date Program Name Last First Student Email First Last
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Displaying 1 - 11 of 11